My interview with Heather Linn about embracing your Starseed Lineage.This was part of the Dimensional Fork In The Road Summit held the second week in ...View Details

Ever wondered what it means to speak in tongues?  What are these weird and wonderful symbols and languages showing up all over the internet.  How does...View Details

0018: K is for MagicK

Magick with a K - In this episode, I share more about my journey of working with magick to find my own truth again and how institutional indoctrinatio...View Details

0017: J is for Judgement

In this episode, I speak about how I connected with the concept of Judgement whilst writing my book and how it changed my whole outlook on judgement. 

0016: I is for Intuition

In this episode I talk about how I see intuition and how to work with it.  Practical tips and also explanations on the different intuitive abilities t...View Details

Starseed Past Lives

Are you a Starseed? Today I explain how past lives of Starseeds are linked to the Akashic Records and how many wounds are still kept there.

In this group meditation we connect deeply with our hearts, working with forgiveness, expansion and going deeper into ourselves.  Messages from the li...View Details

In this episode I explore the concept of working with your Higher Self / Soul vs working with external Guides.  I also take you into meditation to con...View Details

My Divine Soul Monthly Group Meditation - this month working with ushering in the new energies of Aquarius.  Deep healing and messages from the Star b...View Details

0014: G is for Grounding

Why is it so important to ground?  What are the benefits and how does it help you? As a Starseed it has been one of my most important lessons to learn...View Details

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