0013: F is for Fear

Fear is such a big part of our human experience.  Have you actually taken the time to analyse why you experience fear and how it shows up in your life...View Details

0012: E is for Energy

Energy helps us to understand the connectedness of everything.  Come and learn some more about how I see energy working together and how our empath ab...View Details

In this episode I will tell you more about my personal journey into DNA activation, how seal removal literally changed my whole career and opened up m...View Details

In this episode I explore how your choices are linked to your consciousness.  I break down the various stages of consciousness and how they link to th...View Details

I talk about strategies to help you implement boundaries.  Working with assertiveness and how our truth is actually the underlying foundation for our ...View Details

Understanding what boundaries are and exploring where we are allowing others to cross these, where we are making choices to allow them to take our ene...View Details

Recording of my Equinox Group Meditation where we focus on healing our hearts and connecting with the energies of the Arcturians to facilitate activat...View Details

Practical advice on how to step more into authenticity, how to do the inner work to understand why you are making the choices to not be authentic. 

What does it really mean to be authentic and how does this relate to our Soul and our human experience here on Earth.  Allow me to guide you back to m...View Details

Learning to Listen is about my journey to the South of France to discover the secrets of Mary Magdalene and to connect with her deep wisdom and uncond...View Details

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