In this collaboration between Ceryn Rowntree and Yolandi Boshoff for Project Earthwork we journey with the energies of the 2022 Lions Gate Portal.   A...View Details

In this episode I speak more about working with the energies of the dragons and my own journey as a priestess.  Taking all the parts of me back and ho...View Details

In this episode, I speak about my own initiation as a Dragon Priestess of the Rose Line. I also share a channelling about the importance of the connec...View Details

In this episode I give some insight into why it is so important to remember that your Soul chose to come to this planet.  The relationship that we hav...View Details

A journey back through your lifetimes to the remembering of your first entrance here onto Mother Earth as a Divine Star Child.  Messages about your li...View Details

Are you taking up space?  Are you limiting yourself?Returning to an understanding of what your Soul needs now, how your Soul wants to expand and show ...View Details

In this meditation, we journey to Lemuria to work with the Divine Beings of Light.  Remembering and reconnecting again with the part of you that is re...View Details

The first new meditation for Soul-Led. In this important time of leaning into balance, we often are stuck in old ways of thinking, doing and being.  T...View Details

I am shifting the direction of the podcast, hence the new rebrand to Soul-Led and listen to the brand new song written especially for the podcast even...View Details

Releasing Fear Meditation

In this meditation, we focus on stepping back into your power and out of fear.  Working with light language and reconnecting with your own truth and s...View Details

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